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Tony Rich a Grammy Award winning

Tony Rich is a Grammy Award winning producer, singer-songwriter p/k/a The Tony Rich Project who first gained worldwide attention in the world of music with the success of his smash hit single “Nobody Knows” after a few years of writing/producing for other artists such as Boyz II Men, Elton John, Toni Braxton, Michael Bolton and more, contributing to the sale of over 50 million albums.

"To create anything first requires the interest to realize vision followed by free thought and action. With inspiration surrounding me, I am in a constant passionate realm of creation of some sort. Be it Art, Music, Photography, Poetry, Love… Life." 


"I’m often asked about my motivations, inspirations and intentions of my creative expressions and I can say with total confidence that my motivation to create is to be honest, to be courageous and to be free. I am inspired by love, joy, pain, people, places, reality, life and all of the elements contained within it. My intent is to let it flow through and from me knowing that it will all reach whom and where it is destined to arrive."


"My artwork is a wide spectrum of experimental results, processes and techniques developed over my time living and being surrounded by love in Australia. I approach my development of collections and series much like I create different genres, tempos and rhythms of music. Whatever I envision and feel, I create. I love the beautiful collide of intention and allowing, the discipline of minimal monochromatic and the high vibration of color."


"Enjoy the views of my creative mind."


In this American show, leading galleries from five continents show significant works by masters of Modern and contemporary art, as well as the new generation of emerging stars. I am honored to be a part of this incredible show in Miami Beach, 2021!

10th anniversary celebration gallery 88
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